Crystal Jade opens its first all-day steamboat restaurant in heritage-rich and increasingly vibrant Balestier. Located in the new Zhongshan Mall, Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant features steamboat with quality ingredients, well-loved dim sum and roasted favourites as well as new Teochew and Cantonese specialties.

The new steamboat restaurant offers 7 types of soup bases, 14 choices of fresh meats and poultry, 11 shellfish and seafood items, 28 vegetables, roots and mushrooms items, 5 bean and gluten items and 8 rice and noodle options. Among these items, five special handmade ingredients have been created for steamboat. The Handmade Deep-Fried Bean Curd Skin roll ($5.90), is tasty on its own, or enjoy it with the sweet broth. The Handmade Meat Ball ($6.90) is made from finely cut fresh pork with freshly cubes of water chestnuts that gives an extra tasty crunch. Also try the Handmade Prawn Ball ($ 6.90), bouncy Handmade Fish Ball in Teochew Style ($6.90), Handmade Squid Ball in Teochew Style ($6.90) with carrots and celery to compliment the fresh squid. You can also make your own dipping sauce at the sauce counter which has a wide array of sauces and condiments like satay sauce, sesame sauce, homemade sweet and sour and thai chilli sauce.

Highlight of the steamboat is the delicious hearty flavourful superior broth made by simmering fresh whole chicken, lean pork and pork bones for more than 12 hours. All soup bases uses this special superior broth with additional mixes like the Tom Yam soup base uses Thai Chilli paste brought in from Thailand.

There are nine steamboat sets for two persons to choose from. For meat lovers, try the Assorted Meat Steamboat Set ($32.80) with kurobuta pork beef, lamb and chicken. For a fiery kick, the Seafood Tom Yam Steamboat Set ($38.80) of crab, prawns, mussels and clams in zesty tom yam broth will set your taste buds on fire. There are also two special sets with their own soup base. The Drunken Chicken Steamboat Set ($28.80) with a mix of Chinese herbs and wolfberries and Teochew Style Pork Rib & Bittergourd Steamboat Set ($28.80) with fresh pork and bittergourd slices. A la Carte items at $3.90, $4.90, and $5.90 respectively can be added to the steamboat sets.

Besides steamboat, Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant also serves up a selection of Cantonese and Teochew favourites. One of our favourites is the savoury traditional Cantonese comfort food Salted Pork’s Bone & Dried Vegetable Porridge ($9.80, small serving). Other chef specials include the aromatic and intense Sauteed Chicken with dried chilli & onion ($18.80- half chicken, $32.80-whole chicken) and the modified version of a perennial Teochew favourite, the Grilled Sea Bass with preserved Vegetables ($32.80). The meaty fish is grilled to delicious golden perfection with a sweet broth.

To celebrate the launch of the new restaurant, Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant is currently offering a 20% discount off its steamboat and chef specialties during the supper hours and 1 for 1 Tiger draft beer (jug).

Crystal Jade Steamboat Restaurant

#01-18 Zhong Shan Mall, 20 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329984
Tel: 6339-0283
Opening Hours: 11:30am to 3pm (Lunch), 5:30pm to 2am (Dinner & Supper)