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New sparkling blackcurrant beverage by Ribena

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Fans of Ribena now has another option to quench their thirst. The new Ribena Sparkling Cans is a refreshing variant of Singapore’s all-time favourite blackcurrant beverage, with a fizzy twist. Not only you can enjoy all the healthy, refreshing goodness of Ribena, the added sparkle just makes consuming this wholesome beverage even more fun and exciting.

Presented in a sleek can, this refreshment is a perfect combination when effervescence meets the fruitiness of fresh blackcurrants. It is also a healthier alternative to the typical carbonated drink present in the current market. Ribena Sparkling Can’s thirst-quenching bubbly satisfaction comes with added benefits. This refreshing beverage is naturally sweetened by the finest New Zealand-grown blackcurrants, a superfood which comes with nutraceutical benefits. It contains antioxidants and anthrocyanins, providing a wide array of health merits. Each 325ml Ribena Sparkling Can contains 24mg of Vitamin C, giving an added boost to one’s body system. Moreover, Ribena Sparkling Can has one of the lowest sugar levels as compared to other carbonated drinks, making it a to-go treat for all – kids, youths, and adults alike.

This festive season, share the refreshing goodness of Ribena Sparkling Cans with family and friends as a perfect complement to a hearty meal.

Priced at $1.45 per can (325ml) and $6.20 for a 6-pack, Ribena Sparkling Cans is now available at all leading supermarkets, convenience stores, and out-of-home premises island-wide.

Author: Javan Ng

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