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One Raffles Place’s CBD Healthy Eating Guide

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2015 is almost coming to a close – how many of us have met our New Year resolution of living a healthier lifestyle? Working and living in a fast-paced environment, we crave for food options that help to cut the carbs and the queue, but it is tough finding a food haven that offers both within the central business district (CBD). Fortunately for the health nuts, One Raffles Place offers a wide variety of food and beverage across all levels, ranging from local delights to nutritious fuel for the health fanatics, providing people in the vicinity with healthy food options.

Start the day right with Smør, a deli that specialises in bespoke, open-faced sandwiches, served on daily-baked gourmet breads such as Rye, Multi-Grain and Brioche.
It offers authentic Scandinavian options such as the Norwegian Herrings and Norwegian Smoked Salmon, boasting a fresh taste of the Nordic coasts. For those who are bold, sink your teeth into the Coffee-Cured Sirloin Beef. The deli has proven to be a hit, attracting a loyal fan base whom they call their ‘Vikings’.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Smør, #B1-23, One Raffles Place. Opening Hours: 8am to 8pm (Mon – Fri), 9am to 4pm (Sat)

Soba is a mix of buckwheat and wheat flour, providing an alternative healthy staple to those craving for a low-calorie meal. Lucky for those working in the CBD vicinity, One Raffles Places offers two refreshing options. Healthy Soba IKI uses 100% buckwheat noodles – an added bonus for those looking for gluten-free meals. Its most popular dish is the Duck Soba – a combination of juicy and tender duck meat, served with light and springy soba noodles.

healthy soba

Healthy Soba

Healthy Soba IKI, #04-47, One Raffles Place. Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm (Mon – Fri), 10am to 3pm (Sat)

For those who are rushing a deadline and do not have time to sit down for lunch, the restaurant has even rolled out a new takeaway service, allowing its patrons to order through their mobile phones instead. With names such as Dolphin, Salmon, or Penguin on the menu, WHEAT is one place that is filled with surprises. Its best-seller, the Penguin, is an eclectic mix of green soba noodles, shredded chicken, fried eggs, quail eggs, Japanese cucumber and roasted sesame sauce. It is a feast for the eyes but thankfully, not food coma-inducing.

WHEAT, #B1-32, One Raffles Place. Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm (Mon – Sat), 10am to 4pm (Sun)

Post-workout Meal
With the CBD having the highest concentration of gyms and fitness facilities to cater to the increasing number of working professionals who choose to exercise during their lunch hour, there are also a number of food outlets with high-protein, clean food offerings which will delight even the most hard-core gym goers. The Daily Cut stands out from the pack, with its focus on proteins and meats. Ordering is an easy three-step process. Put a tick against the options you want, pay at the counter, and wait for your box of #proteinsalad by the side. The demand for its salads are so popular that they not only started offering lunch time deliveries around the CBD, they even expanded the delivery service westward – at the Buona Vista and One-North areas.

Daily cut chicken salad

Daily Cut Chicken Salad

The Daily Cut, #B1-31, One Raffles Place. Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm (Mon – Fri), 11am to 4pm (Sat & Sun)

Local Delights
For those craving for comfort food but are reluctant to sacrifice the calories, Food Leisure at One Raffles Place shopping mall offers the local and international food varieties at a fraction of the calories. The fish soup stall serves up its Bitter Gourd Sliced Fish Thick Bee Hoon with tender slices of white fish and fresh vegetables. The Ipoh hor fun stall offers Ipoh Lum Mee, a healthier cousin of its namesake. To excite the palate, look out also for Quick Spanish and its savoury yet comforting Paella. Lastly, the Watercress Pork Ribs Soup from the soup and salads stall is a fan favourite – a clear, double-boiled soup with generous servings of watercress and pork ribs.



Food Leisure, #05-07, One Raffles Place. Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm (Mon – Sat)

For more information on food and beverage outlets and ongoing promotions, please visit the One Raffles Place shopping mall website at http://www.onerafflesplace.com.sg.

Author: Javan Ng

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