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A Taste of Summer with Belvoir Fruit Farms

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Bubbling with the juices of real summer fruits and fresh flowers, Belvoir Fruit Farms introduces four new refreshing flavours in Singapore. Adding to its existing single-serving Pressés, the new flavours will be exclusively available in selected restaurants and cafés from October 2015. Perfect for this summer heat, the all-lovely and all-natural flavours include Elderflower & Rose, Raspberry Lemonade, Summer Fruits, and Mango & Peach.

Originated from the United Kingdom, deep within the idyllic Vale of Belvoir, Belvoir Fruit Farms is renowned for their cordials and single-serving pressés. Carefully prepared by pressing fresh fruits and infusing flowers in a mix of Belvoir’s famous spring water, the cordials and pressés prepared by Belvoir Fruit Farms are nothing short of perfect.

Belvoir Fruit Farms’ pressés add a cool and healthy alternative that is 100% good, with no preservatives and no artificial flavourings or colours.

Belvoir - Elderflower & Rose Pressé

Elderflower & Rose Pressé

· Elderflower & Rose Pressé – The quintessential taste of English summertime, the Elderflower & Rose Pressé is deliciously scented and refreshing with a blend of hand-picked elderflowers and a hint of rose petal extract. Pink and perfect, this delicate drink will be quenching your thirst all summer long.

· Raspberry Lemonade Pressé – Made using real raspberry juice and squeezed lemon juice, the Raspberry Lemonade Pressé provides a balance of fruity and zesty freshness.

· Summer Fruits Pressé – Bubbling with the juices of real summer berries, Summer Fruits Pressé combines the mellow sweetness of strawberry with the subtle sharpness of raspberry and redcurrant juices. It’s naturally refreshing served over ice, or as a base for a super-fruity cocktail.

· Mango & Peach Pressé – The Mango & Peach Pressé is a wonderful blend of real mango and peach juices infused with Belvoir’s sparkling spring water. Fabulous over ice, or served with a splash of white rum, Mango & Peach Pressé is fresh, fruity and exotic.

Belvoir Fruit Farms products

Belvoir Fruit Farms products

Elderflower & Rose Pressé is currently exclusively available at Rabbit Carrot Gun, Costa Coffee, Fat Cow, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Oriole Coffee and The Marmalade Pantry. Raspberry Lemonade Pressé, Summer Fruits Pressé and Mango & Peach Pressé will be available exclusively at selected restaurants and cafés from October 2015.

Other Belvoir Fruit Farms products are available at all major supermarkets and on Healthy Gourmet online at www.healthygourmet.sg, at $11.90 for Organic Cordials, $9.90 for Cordials, and $6.70 for 750ml Pressés. Belvoir Fruit Farms products are also available at selected food establishments at varying prices.

Author: Javan Ng

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