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Buttero beckons with hearty Tuscan fare

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Buttero, the Tuscan Cowboy, is a charming restaurant along Tras Street with new executive chef Antonio Massagli who hails from Lucca, a small town in Tuscany. The restaurant now beckons with the hearty Italian cuisine that he grew up enjoying and preparing in his countryside home.

Meat lovers will love the new menu. The heart of Tuscan cuisine lies in rich, slow-cooked meat dishes enjoyed by the farming community for their ability to intensify in flavour when left to cook slowly over an open flame.

At an invited media tasting session, The Dining Table sampled a Tuscan classic, Salsciccie e Fagioli ($30), a grilled pork sausage served with cannellini beans. The pork sausage is made with minced pork, pepper, salt and a selection of mixed herbs while the cannellini beans are braised with fresh cherry tomatoes and sage. This is a typical Tuscan dish that was enjoyed by Chef Antonio as a child where the Cannellini beans were left to braise slowly in a wine bottle by an open fire while his family worked out in the fields.

Salsiccie E Fagioli - Pork Sausage Braised Cannellini Beans and Truffle Foccacia

Salsiccie E Fagioli – Pork Sausage Braised Cannellini Beans and Truffle Foccacia

Chef Antonio, who enjoys jostling with the heartlanders in Singapore’s wet markets every morning to check out the fresh produce, seafood and meats, said: “Representing the diverse Tuscan landscape of my home country, flavours from both the land and sea are celebrated at Buttero. I try to highlight the lightness and natural flavours of the freshest produce in my cooking.”

We also enjoyed another Tuscan favourite, Fiorentina ($98 a serving for 2 -3 persons) comprising 700g of 300-Day Grassfed Angus T-bone steak. The delicious steak was seasoned lightly with sea salt and flame grilled to perfection and served with the day’s offerings of fresh vegetables and potatoes.

Fiorentina - 700g T-Bone Steak

Fiorentina – 700g T-Bone Steak

For pasta, our group opted for the freshly-made Gnocchi Gratinati ($22). Handmade by Chef Antonio daily, this Gnocchi is cooked with porcini mushrooms, cream, cheese and truffle paste, and garnished chopped parsley.

All in all, it was a great lunch. For starters, we had the lovely Burrata Cheese ($23) served with roasted cherry tomatoes, salad and truffle oil and the excellent Beef Capaccio ($17) in which 300-Day Grassfed Angus rump beef is sliced by hand, lightly beaten with a tenderiser, preserved with just lemon juice and seasoned with salt and pepper. The Beef Capaccio was served on a bed of salad consisting of mesclun, arugula and tomatoes, tossed with extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Carpaccio - Beef Mixed Salad Parmesan and Lemon Dressing

Carpaccio – Beef Mixed Salad Parmesan and Lemon Dressing

Other signature dishes that diners can look forward are the Braised Lamb Shank, another Tuscan favourite, lovingly stewed for hours and accompanied with truffle mash, lemon zest and parsley, and Catch of the Day featuring fresh fish procured that morning and thin crust pizzas with a house-made sauce that features carrots, in place of sugar, for a natural sweetness.

Selection of Pizzas - Diavola Margherita and Quattro Stagioni

Selection of Pizzas – Diavola Margherita and Quattro Stagioni

Apart from these a la carte dishes for lunch and dinner, Buttero offers daily lunch specials and Lady’s Night every Wednesday featuring one-for-one cocktails and canapes or antipasti buffet.

54 Tras Street, Singapore 078993
Tel: 6438 7737
Opening Hours: 12pm to 3pm (Lunch), Mondays to Fridays; 6pm to late (Dinner), Mondays to Saturdays. Closed on Sundays

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