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New Local-inspired Cocktails at Ding Dong

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Ding Dong bar ushers in the New Year with a thoughtfully conceived menu of intoxicating cocktail creations that will be sure to tantalize your palette.

A collaborative effort between Cynthia Chua, CEO of Spa Esprit Group and chef-owner Ryan Clift of Tippling Club, Ding Dong’s cocktail menu has been updated to incorporate more local flavours to complement its eclectic food selection.

Guided by Tippling Club’s Head Bartender, Kamil Foltan, Ding Dong bar puts their spin on well-known cocktails, adding exciting local flavours to the mix; resulting in handcrafted cocktails that will transform the way you look and appreciate some of our all-time favourite mixes. Over 60% of the menu has been revamped to include new cocktails with bolder flavours, whilst favorites such as Ca Phe Sua Da 3, Golden Mile and, of course, Pi Pa Gao will remain.

Roti Kaya cocktail

Roti Kaya cocktail

New on the menu are sensational concoctions such as the Roti Kaya ($18), a kaya toast inspired cocktail that infuses Johnny Walker Black Label with pandan syrup and coconut cream, and a dash of gomme to give the concoction a sweet finish. Sip on the Das sai Maru Te I NI ($19), a sake-based cocktail to be transported in to the heart of Japan with Tanqueray gin and pickled ume plum, and to end off the night on a high note, order a round of Stamford’s Tea Party ($65 for 4 servings) – Ding Dong’s adaptation of the Boston Tea Party – choose between a gin-based or cognac-based infusion for a wonderful cocktail-sharing experience.

The Stamford Tea Party

The Stamford Tea Party

Ding Dong also offers its own private label wines, the Rotgipfler 2012 ($14 per glass & $82 per bottle), bottled exclusively in collaboration with Austrian winery, Johanneshof Reinisch. The Rotgipfler is an aromatic white wine from Thermenregion in Austria, which complements the Southeast Asian flavours of Ding Dong’s dishes. Ding Dong also boasts a selection of boutique red and white wines on tap, specially picked from various wineries across the globe.

Prices on the cocktail menu range from $17 to $22 for individual cocktails, and $65 for shared cocktails such as the Stamford’s Tea Party.

Ding Dong
23 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069703
Tel: 6557 0189

Author: Javan Ng

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