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Zott’s: Adventurous Alpine-inspired cuisine

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If you want something intriguing to indulge, head to the brand new Zott’s at Amoy Street for a taste of authentic Alpine cuisine and culture. Zott’s is the labour of love of German owner Mr Christian Zott who was inspired to start his Alpine theme restaurant after his solo trek in the Alps.

A striking feature of the restaurant is Hieronymus, Mr Zott’s three-year old ox taxidermied and mounted in a glass cube in the open concept kitchen. Hieronymus is Zott’s mascot and logo, you can also see bull head motifs all over the restaurant. Zott’s chic decor is well thought out even dining tables are customized made with table tops created from wood from Mr Zott’s German hometown. On top of that, the restrooms upstairs are also decorated, cow bells line the wall, custom-made folding wooden doors and you will hear pipped cow bell music. Zott’s also doubles as a gallery for artworks from various artists, diners not only enjoy these unique art pieces on the walls but can also purchase them if you fancy.

Zott's dining space

Zott’s dining space

Helmming the kitchen is Alpine native Chef Lorenz-Maria Griesser who has worked in a Michelin starred restaurant in Germany. Zott’s dishes are modern as well as traditional gastronomic translations of Alpine cuisine namely from Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, France and Germany. A lot of effort goes into Zott’s cooking, where they make their own bread daily and some of them are displayed on the centrepiece wall. They even make the mousse and ice cream they serve as accompaniment to their dishes. Zott’s dishes display a lot of artistry, the portions are not big but beautifully presented with much thought and detail in them.

Konig Ludwig Brot

Konig Ludwig Brot

Your meal starts with the complimentary Koenig Ludwig Brot consisting of traditional Bavarian rye, spelt and in-house malt bread, served with chives and radish. Must have starter and Chef’s recommendation is Kaiserschmarrn (as a starter: $29 / as a main: $45). Zott’s style pan-fried foie gras with surprisingly nice pineapple-goose liver ice cream paired with some savoury traditional Austrian pancake for cabs. Other interesting starters include Carpaccio d’espadon ($28), thinly sliced marinated swordfish to have with an in-house made frozen Topaz apple creation filled with apple mousse. Insalata di finocchio arance e olive ($26), a petite fennel salad with oranges, olive spheres and goat cheese mousse. Pop the olive whole into your mouth and enjoy the bursting juicy flavours. Anchois Provencale ($22) is a light bite of pickled anchovies with refreshing melon sorbet and pistachios.

Carpaccio d'espadon

Carpaccio d’espadon

Try the soup and stew dishes, served uniquely where they will serve you the ingredients in a bowl then add the broth which came in either a flask or pot at your table. Sudtiroler Apfelsuppe ($26), a tasty cream apple soup with marinated “Saibling” (char, lake fish from the Alps). The fish soup is a mirage of flavours and comes with kaolin potatoes that chef has even specially marinated and cook to have an unusual blacked outer skin. Fish lovers must have the classic Bouillabaisse Marseillaises ($87, 2 – 3 pax). It is a comforting provincial fish broth with different type of fish including red scorpion fish, red mullet, John Dory, turbot and sea bass. The unusual red scorpion fish is delicious and specially imported from the alps, served with toasted ciabatta and sauce rouillie which you first soak inside the stew then consume.

Sudtiroler Apfelsuppe (Apple soup)

Sudtiroler Apfelsuppe (Apple soup)

Beef lovers can try Zott’s unique Tellerfleisch ($75), several cuts of beef boiled in its own juice and served in three courses. The first course is two crab cake looking Baked “Schulterscherzl” (oyster blade) with parsley dip and tartar sauce. The second course is a light delicious broth, that you will want more of, with homemade oxtail ravioli and bone marrow. And the third course is slightly more substantial with haunch and prime rib. The tender beef in delish gravy paired nicely with carrots, leeks, served with freshly grated horseradish.

Tellerfleisch 2nd & 3rd course - Oxtail Ravioli in broth Haunch

Tellerfleisch 2nd & 3rd course – Oxtail Ravioli in broth Haunch

Crowd pleaser and one of Chef’s favourites is Wiener Schnitzel ($48), savoury thinly sliced tender veal escalope, breaded and pan-fried, served with a pan of gratifying potato foam and red radish salad. It is an addictive crispy treat, there’s even an air pocket between the meat and batter that being the mark of a good wiener schnitzel. Seafood fans will enjoy Saint Pierre ($56), John Dory fish with sugar snap peas, “plum coals” and kumquats. The eye-catching Bondage Chicken, Bavarian style ($36), a vertically mounted roasted poussin, served with truffle mayonnaise or fruit sour cream. The meat is a bit dry but the skin is tastily seasoned with sweet paprika powder, curry and cayenne pepper and the dips are nice which you can also use to go with the Wiener Schnitzel.

Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre

Do leave room for Kaiserschmarrn (As a main: $32 / As a dessert: $24), the sweet version of the traditional Austrian pancake. A bread and pudding like tasting dish which is delish and hearty enough to have as an interesting main dish. Shredded and caramalised, this truly delectable buttery fluffy treat is served Sisi style with stewed plums and vanilla ice cream. Other desserts include the light Griessbrei ($16), semolina pudding served with pear ice cream or Topfen-Nougat-Knodel, bite into poached curd cheese dumplings filled with sweet nougat and served with rhubarb ragout and yogurt ice cream.



Zott’s also has an impressive wine list, handpicked by Mr Zott and specially sourced from boutique vineyards in the Alps and Europe. Several wines are exclusive to Zott’s as well making Zott’s a great venue for wine lovers. Zott’s has an inviting bar upstairs with wooden furniture and bull head motifs which will be opened shortly. You can look forward to alpine liquor drinks like Enzian ($18), a fruity schanaps cocktail; King Lousie ($18), Koening Ludwig Weissbier with sprite and Buttermilk ($28) which has Kernlos plum liqueur with buttermilk.

97 Amoy Street, Singapore 069917
Tel: 6223 0913
Opening Hours: 11am to 2:30pm, 6pm to 11:30pm (Mon-Fri); 6pm to 11:30pm (Sat) and closed on Sundays

Author: Rebecca Tan

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