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Surprise your mum with a Mother’s Day cake

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Mother’s Day is just a week away. Don’t forget your mum, she wouldn’t forget you. Surprise her with a delicious decorated cake. Here are a few places to order one for your mum.

Available at all Cedele outlets.

Berry Chocolate Cake from Cedele

Berry Chocolate Cake

We all owe Mom in a big way – and really, what says “Thank you for everything” better than a sweet, succulent Berry Chocolate Cake? This is a super-moist cake layered with luscious cream cheese frosting creatively combined with raspberries, which is rich in Vitamin C and high in fiber. Piped with beautiful rosettes on the top and housed between artisan chocolate leaves. The Berry Chocolate Cake ($58 for a whole cake and $7.50 per slice) is available from now to 30th May 2014.


Available at all PrimaDeli outlets.

PrimaDeli Mother's Day Cakes

Abundant Love (top) and Pink of Roses (bottom)

Add a special touch to Mother’s Day this year with exquisite PrimaDéli’s cakes – Abundant Love and Pink of Roses. The Abundant Love ($48.80 approx. 1.2kg) is an artfully crafted ensemble of moist vanilla sponge infused with a subtle hint of salted caramel cream within layers, intersperse with almond flakes and chocolate pearls for that extra crunch. This charming creation is topped with an abundant array of fruits – peach, kiwi, strawberry and gooseberry for that fruity touch. If good ol’fashion chocolate is mum’s ultimate favourite, then the Pink of Roses ($26.00 approx. 600g) will be an absolute treat! This jewel of a cake is a luscious chocolate sponge slathered with luxurious chocolate truffle ganache, prettily adorned with triple hues of lovely pink fresh cream roses in full bloom. Both the Abundant Love and Pink of Roses will be available from 17 April to 11 May 2014.


The Icing Room
Available at all The Icing Room outlets.

Love Always (top) and Garden Of Love (bottom)

Love Always (top) and Garden Of Love (bottom)

As fitting tributes to Mum’s pure love, The Icing Room has designed two beautiful cakes for Mother’s Day. Give Mummy dearest a surprise with “Garden Of Love” ($30.80), the new signature strawberry shortcake creation that comes in a heart shape. The light genoise sponge cake is layered with smooth Chantilly strawberry cream and topped with garden-fresh strawberries and blueberries. Another irresistible treat is “Love Always” ($32.80), a moist chocolate Chantilly cake that is given a luscious coat of red velvet chocolate and paired with the refreshing sweetness of tropical fruits. A melange of berries, pistachio nuts and chocolate flowers add more flourish to delight mommy. Available from 25 April to 11 May 2014.


Available at all BreadTalk outlets.

Gorgeous Mum cake (top) and Exceptional Mum cake (bottom)

Gorgeous Mum cake (top) and Exceptional Mum cake (bottom)

Show your affection and appreciation for your dearest mum with the two exquisite cakes from BreadTalk. Remind her how beautiful she is with the Gorgeous Mum cake ($42.80) that alternates layers of light almond sponge cake, strawberry mousse and caramel crunchy pearls chocolate. Toppings of Chantilly cheese cream, fresh berry fruits, and white chocolate decorations add elegant finishing touches to the cake. Make your mum feel pampered and loved with the rich-tasting Exceptional Mum cake ($43.80) whereby chocolate almond sponge cake is exquisitely paired with chocolate cream, Griotte cherries and delicate pieces of chocolate and raspberries. Enjoy 15% discount on advance orders from now till 4 May. In addition, don’t forget to post photos of your mums on Instagram with the hashtag #btHOTmums from 28 April to 7 May 2014. 10 winners will each win a Mother’s Day cake and 2 pairs of movie tickets.


Available at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets.

Velvety Mom-ents cake

Velvety Mom-ents cake

This Mother’s Day, envelop your Mum with sincere heartfelt appreciation and warm affection with Swensen’s new Velvety Mom-ents cake. Crafted in a deep alluring red hue and a fresh shade of white, Velvety Mom-ents will tug at your Mum’s heartstrings with its understated sophistication. The perfect sweetness of Vanilla Ice-cream entwined with the moist, fluffy texture of Red Velvet Sponge Cake will have your mum reveling in familial bliss with every bite. Velvety Mom-ents is priced at $49 (excluding GST) and no advanced ordering is required. Available from 25 April 2014 while stocks last.


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Author: Javan Ng

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