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BonAppetour: Dine with the locals

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We at The Dining Table are always looking out for new and exciting dining opportunities in Singapore. We recently learnt of a website which offers a unique dining experience both in Singapore and abroad. BonAppetour connects customers with hundreds of local hosts around the world to have a meal at their homes. Just book an experience through their web portal and you can enjoy a home-cooked meal with a company of interesting locals in several cities around the world.

To find out more about BonAppetour and their friendly hosts, we spoke to Hanim Ousname, one of the local hosts right here in Singapore, and asked her a few questions about BonAppetour and her cooking.

How did you hear about BonAppetour?
My best friend happens to be friends with the CEO of BonAppetour, Rinita Vanjre and when we met once, Rinita told me all about BonAppetour.

What was the motivation of becoming a host on BonAppetour?
I have always loved sharing good food and desserts with family, friends, neighbours and guests. So when Rinita invited me, I agreed right away to become a host for BonAppetour.

What do you think about the concept of social dining?
It’s a great way to interact and meet new people. I personally experienced this in a Mexican house when I visited the United States. In my opinion, there is no better way to communicate with others than over an excellent meal.

What was the best home cooked meal you ever had?
It would definitely have to be the authentic Malay dishes, made by my late mother during Eid / Hari Raya celebrations. Some of the dishes that we would enjoy for this festive period includes Lontong, Beef Rendang, Sambal Goreng, Sambal Prawns, Serunding, Ketupat and many more. Just thinking about all these dishes makes my mouth water.

What is your source of inspiration in crafting out the experiences you are offering as a host?
When I was young, my late mother inspired me with this quote. “There is blessing in everything we share with others”. She inspired me to be just like her; someone who loves inviting guests over to our humble home and cooking sumptuous dishes for them, talking and laughing over an enjoyable meal.

How was the experience of hosting BonAppetour guests?
It was great. The guests were really satisfied with the food and company. We ensured they felt comfortable at all time and they actually did. We talked over dinner and desserts. They had such a great time that they promised to contact me whenever they come to Singapore again.

BonAppetour is all about community building. How do you see yourself in the BonAppetour community?
I see myself as an active host in the BonAppetour community, who grabs any opportunity to host any guests from all around the world. I look forward to welcoming more guests to my home.

Do you plan to have a BonAppetour experience as a traveller anytime soon?
Yes I definitely do. Maybe not soon, but definitely someday.

If you were a dish, what kind of food item would you be and why?
Wow this one is quite tough. I guess I would be Cordon Bleu. Because I am known as warm-hearted, a little shy with people I meet for the first time and I smile a lot. I never fail to make conversations lively and ensure the people I am with enjoy and treasure their time with me. Just like Cordon Bleu, served warm, coated with layers of breadcrumbs and meat. Right until we get to taste the filling, which is the best part of the dish, the melted cheese.

Having spoken with Hanim, she comes across as a very genuine person who makes for an excellent host at BonAppetour. So do check out BonAppetour website and book an experience, be it with a host in Singapore or a host abroad. We are quite confident you will have an excellent dining and social experience.

Author: Javan Ng

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