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Premium French appliances brands CRISTEL & MAGIMIX debuts in Singapore

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Marrying cutting-edge design and functionality, highly established French kitchen appliance brands CRISTEL and Magimix are now retailing in Singapore at Robinsons Orchard. CRISTEL is known for its signature ‘Cook & Serve concept of from kitchen to table, the CRISTEL handle-free design transforms a performance cooking utensil into an elegant serving dish making serving a welcome ease. Magimix products are designed to make life simpler for the serious cook by combining the best cooking traditions with state-of-the art technology.

Revolutionising the art of easy cooking and storing with the world’s first “Cook & Serve” concept, CRISTEL cookware allows users the convenience of serving as well as compact storage with its removable handles and flat lids. The cookware is also compatible on all hobs and induction. Garnering 26 innovation and entrepreneurial awards since 1991, all CRISTEL collections are a skillful blend of ergonomics, performance and design.

Manafactured in its factory in France since 1834, they come with the ‘Origine France Garantie’ label which is the French seal of guarantee for high-quality products made entirely in France. Made of 18-10 stainless steel (18% chromium, 10% nickel) which is neutral when in contact with food to protect its nutritional qualities and flavours. Every utensil is engineered such that it’s simple to use, its technical performance optimised and on top of that is beautifully designed. The three CRISTEL collections are Multi-functional with removable handles which allow for Multi-cooking, Compact storage and Safety.

The “Classic” Base, Cookway Collection (from $108): first and ‘basic’ collection allows for good heat distribution, maintained during service thanks to the aluminium layer in the base.

Set of 3 Saucepans (CWMS3C) from Premium French appliances brands CRISTEL & MAGIMIX

Cookway Collection

The Enveloping “L’ Base, Strate Collection (from $148: the wide “L” base ensures record cooking time as the heat transmission is greater than 20% of other cook ware and heat is distributed over the base and goes up along the sides.

Strate Collection from Premium French appliances brands CRISTEL & MAGIMIX

Strate Collection

The “Multiply” Base, Casteline Collection (from $228): made for gentle, economic cooking with no risk of sticking and protecting all nutritional qualities of the food. The base of trilaminate stainless steel, aluminium, stainless steel helps the heat simultaneously spread over the whole base and sides.

Set of 3 Saucepans (S3CCM)

Casteline Collection


With 40 years of culinary innovations, Magimix has taken the art of toasting to new heights with the world’s first see-through toaster, winning the best innovation award with its Vision Toaster that allow users to reheat or defrost different types of bread. A favourite among top TV chefs, culinary schools and food writers, its most celebrated Food Processor provides maximum functionality within a single machine. All Magimix products are wholly made in France, a testament to the brand’s quality par excellence. Besides, shatter-proof polycarbonate bowls, the food processors and juicers are equipped with powerful, ultra-quiet motors that come with a 20-year guarantee to ensure durability and long-lasting usage. Magimix products functions are simple to us and fuss-free with just three buttons to access all functions.

Vision Toaster ($498): the world’s first see-through toaster with double-insulated secure and easy to clean glass windows. Eight different settings for variable browsing control to toast, reheat or defrost.

Le Toaster (Red)

Le Toaster

Le Duo Plus XL ($658): a series of juicers that comes with a variety of functions like the Smoothie Mix, Juice Extractor and Citrus Press.

Le Blender ($498): an exclusive BlenderMix system with pre-set programmers for ice, smoothies, soups and desserts.

Le Blender (Satin)

Le Blender

The star Magimix Multifunction Food Processor offers versatility, it can handle your chopping, gratin, blending, whisking or kneading needs making cooking and cleaning up a breeze. Available in a range of models with varying capacities and functions. Le Mini Plus ($458-498) in 6 colours including the popular red, pink and violet. Compact3200XL ($698), Cuisine Systeme 4200 XL ($1,098) and the new 5200 XL Premium ($1,298). Each food processor comes with a host of handy attachments like egg whisks, spatulas, grate and slicer discs.

Cuisine Système 5200 XL Premium Food Processor

Cuisine Système 5200 XL Premium Food Processor

Author: Rebecca Tan

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