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New Spring menu at Buona Terra

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The joyous colours, captivating aroma and sumptuous taste of Spring arrive at Buona Terra, a fine-dining Italian restaurant. Chef Denis Lucchi takes inspiration in the quality and freshness of this season’s produce to create the restaurant’s brand new Spring Menu. Citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges take centre stage along with fresh earthy eggplants, luscious cherries and the most fragrant of peaches. Priced at $148++ per person, the Spring Menu is set to tantalize your taste buds with its culinary offerings.

The Spring Menu starts with Gamberi Rossi in Pasta Kataifi, Pomodoro, Burrata e Melanzane, which Chef Denis creates to play up on the texture and taste of each ingredient. Meaty Red Prawns, artfully wrapped in Kataifi pastry, are oven-baked to ethereal crispness, and served with a palate-teasing trio of tart Sundried Tomato Sauce, creamy Burrata and silky eggplants.

Seafood is featured prominently in the Spring Menu with Trota Marinata agli Agrumi as the second course. Here, the succulent fat and sea-savoury taste of the Marinated Trout is tempered by and balanced with the acidity of lemons, the tart-sweetness of oranges and light creaminess of yogurt, thereby creating a sumptuous and harmonious appetizer that sets the stage for stronger and heartier flavours to come.

Marinated Trout with Citrus Yogurt from the new Spring menu at Buona Terra

Marinated Trout with Citrus Yogurt

Chef Denis creates sophisticated layers of flavours with intriguing textural contrast in Vellutata di Patate soffice, Ricci di Mare, Caviale Oscietra e Polvere di Capperi. In this beautiful dish, the Potato Cream is given a surprising twist with the addition of Sea Urchin to bring out its velvety savoury-sweetness. Luxurious black pearls of Oscietra Caviar roll on the tongue and burst in the mouth to tease the palate and provide textural interest while Capers Powder adds pockets of addictive savoury tanginess.

Potato Cream with Sea Urchin Oscietra Caviar and Capers Powder from the new Spring menu at Buona Terra

Potato Cream with Sea Urchin Oscietra Caviar and Capers Powder

Fresh, succulent Bamboo Clams take the limelight in the fourth course – Tagliatelle Con Cannolicchi E Bottarga, tossed with Bottarga and Homemade Tagliatelle. A gourmet marine delicacy from the coastal areas of Italy, Bottarga melts in the mouth with an explosion of flavours, filling it with a soft creaminess and delicate warmth.

Featuring the bounty of the land with the hearty main course – Petto d’Anatra con Cipolline Glassate e Salsa alle Ciliegie, Chef Denis creates a visually stunning dish with a lusty medley of aromas and flavours. Sous vide Duck Breast is pan-seared a la minute to yield a delectable golden crust that gives way to heavenly and sensuous melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. The robust meaty flavours of the Duck Breast is complemented by the caramelised sweetness and tanginess of Glazed Pearl Onions, which are slow-cooked in sugar and vinegar, earthy Potato Cream and a sauce made from duck jus, cooked with Cherry Puree and whole Cherries.

Duck Breast with Glazed Pearl Onion Potato Cream and Sherry Sauce

Duck Breast with Glazed Pearl Onion Potato Cream and Sherry Sauce

Chef Denis’ utmost respect for fresh produce and his sweet tooth are evident in his creation of the dessert – Pesca Gialla e Armelline. The chef made use of every single part of in-season and intensely fragrant yellow peaches to create a dessert that celebrates the beautiful stone fruit. Peach chunks and puree are served with a smooth and utterly delicious granita made from peach skin and pits, and sprinkled with almonds on top. Pesca Gialla e Armelline is truly a celebration of the season’s freshest and best produce.

Buona Terra offers a masterfully curated selection of Italian fine wines – many of which are exclusive to the restaurant – to suit every palate. Chief Sommelier, Gabriele Rizzardi will be pleased to recommend wine pairings or a bottle of wine to complement the gustatory delights of the season.

Buona Terra
29A Scotts Road, Singapore 228224
Tel: 6733 0209
Opening Hours: 6:30pm to 10:30pm (Mon – Sat); Closed on Sundays

Author: Javan Ng

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