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I Scream: New boutique ice cream café

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Nestled in the Bedok heartlands, I Scream is a brand-new boutique ice cream café serving a wide range of exclusive frozen confections, piping hot crispy waffles and artisanal beverages. Launched by Arteastiq Boutique Tea House at Mandarin Gallery, what sets I Scream apart is the pay-as-you-weigh concept.

How it works is you pay 3.5cents per gram of ice-cream with a min spend of $3.50 for 100g, you get value by just paying for how much you want to eat. Add $1 for Liquor infuse of Orange flavoured Blue Curacao, Melon flavoured Midori Framboise, Grape flavoured Supercasis or Chocolate cream Mozart Gold. There’s also two Take Out Pack options, $10.50 for 300g with one free topping and $17.50 for 500g with two free toppings.

Highlights are the premium ice cream flavours ranging from local favourites like kaya to the immensely popular Korean Bingsu. The eclectic range of flavours is designed to give diners a unique experience as some original flavours are only exclusive to I Scream. Fancy the Date Over Tea, red date tea flavour; Sun River, white chocolate with orange peel; Nuts Over Bananas, bananas with walnuts or the ultimate sour sherbet flavour with passion fruit and lemon, Zesty Passion. You can also pick from a huge selection of choice condiments or toppings to customize your frozen desserts.

Berry Awesome Bingsu

Berry Awesome Bingsu

I Scream signature desserts have funky social media inspired names like Soogle ($11.90), macarons with choice of 4 ice cream flavours. Social Media Plate ($15.90) is a 4 scoops alcoholic delight of Screambook, Blue Curacao with classic vanilla bean; WeScream, Midori framboise with Sun Riser; InstraScream, Mozart Gold with Chocolate Favourite and YouScream, Supercasis with Wow Berries.

Enjoy speciality waffles like Shouting Stount Cocoa Waffle S’more Style ($5.90, $8.90 with one scoop of ice cream) or Glazed banana Screaming Crispy Waffle ($6.90, $9.90 with one scoop of ice cream). The Korean Scream Bingsu ($6.90) comes in Raspberry, Mango or Black Rice ice cream options. Besides coffee and smoothies ($6.90) like Duria-mania which durain lovers may dig, tea lovers can get the famous Tea by Arteastiq ($6.90 per tea pot) as well.

Shouting Stout Cocoa Waffle S'mores Style

Shouting Stout Cocoa Waffle S’mores Style

I Scream is one of the pioneering ice cream boutiques that utilize the Italian-designed Tonda ice cream display and storage case. This 3rd generation display case ensures perfect gelato storage and you will be treated to the freshest ice cream.

I Scream

I Scream

I Scream
Blk 89, Bedok North Ave 4, #01-109, Singapore 460089
Tel: 6445 5739
Opening Hours: 12pm to 12am

Author: Rebecca Tan

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