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E!GHT Korean BBQ: New Korean eatery opens at The Central

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Named after its signature eight Colours Set of scrumptious Berkshire pork belly in eight flavours, E!GHT Korean BBQ is a new chic full-service modern Korean eatery debuted in July at The Central, home to a haven of Japanese restaurants. Owner Chef Jamie and wife Kristin Lim tried E!GHT in Los Angeles and liked it so much that they brought the E!GHT experience to Singapore.

The new restaurant is in line with the raw industrial design, the roomy interior boasts beautiful time-worn bricks once belonging to century-old Korean buildings and furniture of signature Korean ingenuity. Oil drum like stools offer ingenious functionality of storage space for bags within the ‘drum’.  The sleek customised BBQ tables have two stoves to accommodate both grilling and stewing simultaneously. Utensils and napkins are cleverly tucked away in a handy drawer under the table and there is also a compartment for diners to keep their gadgets safe from splatters.

What sets E!GHT apart from other Korean BBQs is its Pork dishes that take centre-stage with high quality cuts of USA imported 100% Berkshire pork. E!GHT’s signature 8 Colours Set ($98 – see main image above), a delectable 8 pork belly feast in marinades of wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso, and red pepper paste, serving three to four diners. Each mouth-watering 70-80g thick strip is elegantly rolled up and presented on a custom-made wooden tray with each flavour clearly carved into the wood. Recommended serving order is to start from lighter to bolder flavours.The server prepares the wine and unadulterated original first to be able to better savour the natural taste of the Berkshire pork followed by the ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, and miso, leaving the heaviest red pepper paste for last.

8 Colours Set (pork-belly)

8 Colours Set (pork-belly)

The original pork belly cut is so good on its own that you don’t really need any marinade or sauce with it while the garlic pork has its flavour nicely accented by the garlic. The nourishingly tasting Ginseng pork is a succulent delight you would crave for more and the ginseng marinade is well balanced giving the pork just the right hint of ginseng flavour. If you are just a party of two, there’s a more petite 4 Colours Set ($58). Additional strips of pork belly in preferred flavours can be added at $12 a piece or you can customise by picking the favours you want for your personal set.

All ingredients are specially sourced from Korea and you can look out for more interesting marinade flavours to come. Besides these eight styles, do add on the Smoked ($12) option which has a unique yummy taste. Game for variety, try the Flower Pork Set ($58) with pork belly and pork jowl simply dusted with salt and pepper as well as pork neck steak marinated with a house garlic paste. The heft of pork belly is cut in a criss-cross manner such that the exterior crisps easily into a ‘flower’ pattern whilst keeping the meat within succulent.

The 8 Colours Set, 4 Colours Set and Flower Pork Set are accompanied with homemade banchan korean appetizers like daikon with wasabi, E!GHT’s Kimchi and bean spouts with a twist that are served simmering on the hot plate giving it an alternative taste. The sets also comes complete with the flavoursome must-have Seafood Bean Paste Stew brimming with generous servings of prawns, clams and mussels. This stew dish is also available ala carte for $18. A clear Scorched Rice Soup is served at the end to cleanse your palate. If you are a carb lover, the Fried Rice ($8) which is fried fresh on the grill pan with kimchi and a sweetish Korean chilli paste will not disappoint.

Seafood Bean Paste Stew

Seafood Bean Paste Stew

E!GHT has two options of choice beef cuts in 200g servings. USDA Prime Beef Ribeye Steak ($58), Beef Belly Slices ($38) and Beef Brisket ($38). Equally tempting is the Australian Wagyu  in Ribeye Steak ($88) or Boneless Short Rib ($58) to tuck into. The food is cooked on made-to-order grill pans which sit at a slight angle on the stove allowing excess oil to flow away down the waste trap. This helps to reduce smoke and splatters and the staff will also niftily clear excess oil residue with a piece of daikon. Stews at E!GHT are specially prepared right at the table to ensure quality,  a pot of hearty stock filled with fresh ingredients and then cooked over the stove fresh for diners to enjoy piping hot.  Slurp into the  Beef Brisket Kimchi Stew ($18), Pork Belly Kimchi Stew ($18) or Beef Brisket Bean Paste Stew ($18).

Besides the full ala carte menu, spice up your day with the sumptuous speciality hot grill Chul Pan available only during lunch. The Chul Pan, an elegant tower of thinly-sliced meats atop assorted vegetable, is stir-fried on the grill pan with a piquant house-made Korean red pepper paste gochujang and completed with steamed rice on the side. This dish requires a minimum two portions order. Take your pick of  Chicken ($15), Pork Belly ($16)or Beef Brisket ($17). Wash the hearty meal down with the delicious E!GHT’s Special Lemon Tea ($3) prepared fresh daily with Korean citron or Korean canned juices in grape, orange  and plum flavours. Korean BBQ is well complimented with Korean alcohols such as Korean Hite Beer ($8), Chamisul Soju ($20), Korean Rice Wine ($20), Korean Herbal Wine ($20), and Korean Raspberry Wine ($35).

Chul Pan

Chul Pan

E!GHT brings a concise menu of tantalizing exquisite cuts of premium meats in a sleek refreshing setting to cater to discerning tastes and provides a sophisticated refined BBQ experience.  With a well-trained team who will serve your food with a flourish, simply sit back and enjoy while the food is expertly prepared at your table. There’s also outdoor seating where you can enjoy your BBQ with the tranquil view of Clarke Quay and Singapore river.

E!GHT Korean BBQ
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-79/90 The Central Singapore 059817
Tel: 8692 1188

Author: Rebecca Tan

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