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Cooked in front of you while you wait, street food is not about snobbery, fine dining and pretension but about sharing in a communal experience of affordable, great value, exciting, ‘fresh as you can get’ food.

Celebrating the multicultural colours, flavours and styles of World’s streets, prepare your stomach for the inaugural World Street Food Congress in Singapore from 31 May to 9 June 2013, at the F1 Pit Building and Paddock.

The 10-day World Street Food Congress include the World Street Food Jamboree where you get to feast on street food from 10 cities worldwide, a 2-day World Street Food Dialogues involving industry influencers and advocates like Chef Anthony Bourdain and a World Street Food Awards to acknowledge and give recognition to famous street food icons.

Swamp Shack’s Shrimp and Grits - Deep fried prawns on a bed of spicy mash grits corn polenta

Swamp Shack’s Shrimp and Grits – Deep fried prawns on a bed of spicy mash grits corn polenta

At the World Street Food Congress Jamboree, you can find some of the world’s best food masters representing a realm of different street-food cultures and cuisines from all around the globe. From Pisang Roa (smoked fish sambal) and Kerak Telor (crispy glutinous rice frittata) from Indonesia to Banh Da Tom Hai Phong (prawn and fish red rice noodle) and Banh Khot (seafood rice cake) from Vietnam, Chokha (a vegetarian spread consisting of potatoes, tomatoes and egg plants) and Batata Puri (crispy puff with mashed potat0) from India and Shrimps and Grits from United States and over 30 other food choices, there will be something for all tastes with an overwhelming smorgasbord of sights, smells and flavours from all corners of the world!

Thua Paep (Steamed Glutinous Dumpling) from Thailand

Thua Paep (Steamed Glutinous Dumpling) from Thailand

All the street food items are priced from $6 onwards. You can purchase your one day Jamboree pass at $28 which include $20 worth of food coupons at the doors or online at http://www.wsfcongress.com/jamboree.aspx. The ticket will grant you access to all food demonstrations and music performance. Children of age 6 and under may enter for free.

What: World Street Food Congress Jamboree 2013

When: 31 May to 9 June 2013

Where: F1 Pit Building & Paddock, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975

Opening Hours: 11am till 10pm daily (except for Friday 31 May – open from 5pm till 10pm)

Also, check out the World Street Food Congress 2013 video teaser:

World Street Food Congress 2013 banner

Author: Javan Ng

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