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KHA: New Chef, New Menu

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New look, new chef, new menu… the revamped KHA at Martin Road is definitely worth a visit for a slightly different Thai dining experience.

Spotting a more casual vibe, the new KHA has a charming quaint quirky setting, good for small events too. Cozy layout with a couple of mismatched chairs, great recycling idea using retro wallpaper that apparently used to be the old menus. Very unlike how you would imagine a typical Thai restaurant would be and it’s defintely a most welcome change.

Taking over the kitchen is the new Executive Chef Adam Cliff. He may be Australian but he has honed his skills at great Thai restaurants worldwide, including Nahm London – the first Thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star and it shows, his food will leave you wanting for more!

There are still a few beloved old menu items but you would be most happy with the new items. Inspired by Isann region in northeast Thailand, KHA’s new dishes has an interesting sour salty spicy balance to it, especially for its grilled meats and salads. Presentation is simple and clean perhaps to reflect the raw earthiness quality of Isann food that it’s modeled after.

Grilled chicken thigh served with jhim jeaw

Grilled chicken thigh served with jhim jeaw

A typical gripe of a meat lover when it comes to Thai food, you’re not expecting to eat great meat. Not anymore, at KHA you’ll get delectable Waygu Beef slices, which were grilled to perfection and they were as satisfying as having a juicy steak. The grilled pork here was very satisfying too and spice lovers will adore the hearty spices with the salty sour twist. The must-tries include the spicy grilled Wagyu beef salad ($22) and the char grilled iberico tossed with chopped chilli, garlic and lime moorish ($23). Be warned, both dishes are pretty spicy . If you don’t want to numb your taste buds, you might want to request for the chef to tone down the heat of these fiery dishes.

Spicy Grilled Wagyu Beef Salad with shallots, coriander, mint, lime, fish sauce and toasted rice dressing

Spicy Grilled Wagyu Beef Salad

The staple Chicken dish is not quite the same here. Gai Yung Esaan ($15), Chicken thigh skewers marinated for 24 hours served with tasty dipping sauce, is a dish you should try. The meat was tender and flavourful. The papaya salad (Som Dtum Malakor, $16) is quite regular but the candied pork gave this spicy dish an extra sweetness. One of Chef Adam’s personal menu favourites is the salt-crusted whole sea bass stuffed with lemongrass, pandanas and Thai basil stalks, slow cooked over fire and served with a green chili dipping sauce ($30). It was one of our favourite dishes too and it is as tasty as it looks. Apparently, it’s so good that Celebrity Chef Tetsuya Wakuda came three days in a row just to eat this simple and yet delicious dish when he was in Singapore recently.

Whole Herb Stuffed, Salt Crusted & Char-Grilled Sea Bass

Whole Herb Stuffed, Salt Crusted & Char-Grilled Sea Bass

No meal is complete without delectable desserts. Indulge your sweet tooth with Thai desserts like shaved red rubies ice ($9) and fresh mango with sticky rice ($12). An interesting new addition to the Thai dessert menu is the warm coconut rice dumplings served in salted coconut cream ($10), which tastes somewhat like a Thai version of the traditional Chinese rice ball dessert soup.

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice

KHA also serves up innovative cocktails menu. Pair your meal with one of their cool Thai-inspired concoctions like Thai Basil Cooler, Tamarind Whiskey Sour, Lemongrass Cosmopolitan and more. For just $12 a glass, you get an above average drink that complements your delicious meal and gives you a very different taste experience.

38 Martin Road, Singapore 239059
Tel: 6476 9000
Opening Hours: Noon to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Author: Rebecca Tan

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