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It seems that made-to-order, customizable eats have reached the final frontier of cuisines in Singapore. Besides designing your own salad at various salad shops, now this trend is trickling over to the realm of Japanese fare with Maki-San, a new sushi and salad concept eatery by two ex-advertising designers, Joseph Koh and Omar Marks.

Tucked in a corner at the basement of The Cathay, this new sushi and salad bar spots a colourful interior with quirky pop art décor. You can’t miss it as you go down the escalator.

Maki-San at The Cathay

Maki-San at The Cathay

At Maki-San, you get to design your own maki-sushi (rolled sushi). The sushi are priced at $6.90 for “Little San” and $9.90 for “Mega San”. The difference between the two sizes is you get to add two additional ingredients in your sushi roll. There are over 80 ingredients to choose from, you can select a seaweed or soy wrap, Japanese white rice or the healthy brown rice, fill it with your choice of main ingredient (Salmon Sashimi, Terriyaki chicken, avocado, etc.), top the roll with chicken floss, roasted sesame seeds, turkey bacon bits, and the like, and finally choose a house sauce like Yuzu Honey Vinaigrette or wasabi mayo. If all this strikes you as the stuff of panic attacks, skip the design-your-own sushi altogether and just order one of their signature sushi (from $8.90 to $9.90).

Our first customized sushi was a traditional seaweed wrap and Japanese white rice with roasted mushroom, Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette), avocado, tuna mayo, Tobiko (Flying fish roe), salmon sashimi and yuzu honey vinaigrette topped with bonito (Japanese fish flakes). The good thing about designing your own sushi roll is that you can pack in all your favourite ingredients. The sushi was very flavourful, the ingredients are fresh and the yuzu dressing gave the sushi an authentic, tangy Japanese flavour.

Maki-San - Design your own sushi

Maki-San – Design your own sushi

We also tried one of the signature sushis, Keep On Shrimpin’. The soy with sesame wrap was delicious and it’s a nice change from the usual seaweed wrap. It’s like a thin, slightly savoury bean curd skin. The roll is filled with tempura prawn, asparagus, mixed greens and wasabi mayo sauce. The tempura prawn is crisp and the tangy wasabi mayo sauce adds a little surprise to the roll as well as a Japanese twist.

Maki-San's signature sushi - Keep On Shrimpin'

Maki-San’s signature sushi – Keep On Shrimpin’

If you prefer a healthier choice, you can create your own Japanese-inspired salad at Maki-San too. The steps are pretty similar to designing your own sushi. The salad portion is generous and they are priced reasonably at $7.90 (Little San), $9.90 (Big San) and $11.90 (Mega San).

Maki-San's signature salad - What's Your Beef?

Maki-San’s signature salad – What’s Your Beef?

If you ever wanted to create your own custom sushi roll or salad or just wanted to pick one up on the way home without having to purchase something that has been pre-made and sitting in a cooler for who knows how long, Maki-San is your solution!

The Cathay, #B1-17/18, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233
Tel: 6737-8772

Author: Javan Ng

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