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Toss some Yu Sheng for prosperity this Lunar New Year. No Chinese New Year feast is complete without this colourful and auspicious dish which symbolizes abundance, prosperity and vigor, especially in Singapore.

Due to its popularity, this must-have dish during Chinese New Year has gone upmarket. The restaurant chefs get creative and upped their game to spice up the traditional Yu Sheng with new flavour and style. Kick start the Snake Year with an auspicious toss of Yu Sheng at these places:

Assorted fruits with chicken and duck ‘Lo Hei’
Min Jiang at One-North, No. 5 Rochester Park, Singapore 139216 | Tel: 6774 0122
Price: $68 (Small), $118 (Large)
Availability: 2 to 24 February 2013

Assorted Fruits with Chicken & Duck 'Lo Hei'

Assorted Fruits with Chicken & Duck ‘Lo Hei’

Using roast duck as well as poached chicken, honeydew, rock melon, pear, mango, jellyfish and silver onions, this light juicy ‘yu sheng’ alternative is served with plum sauce, sesame seeds and ‘you tiao’ slivers – meticulously made dough fritters that provide an addictive crunch! Available for dine-in only at Min Jiang at One-North.


Unagi Yu Sheng served with Hong Kong-style Sesame Dressing
Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039594 | Tel: 6845 1118
Price: $68+ (4 to 6 persons), $118+ (10 persons)
Availability: 2 January to 24 February 2013

Unagi Yu Sheng with Hong Kong-style Sesame Dressing

Unagi Yu Sheng with Hong Kong-style Sesame Dressing

Drawing on the similarity of snake and eel, and to celebrate the year of the Snake, Peach Blossoms’ Chinese Executive Chef Chan Shun Wong created the unique Unagi (eel) Yu Sheng to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Chef Chan marinates the eel with a mixture of honey, diced garlic and superior light soya sauce for 15 minutes to enhance the flavour of the fish, followed by roasting it for 8 minutes. Paired with shredded vegetables and Chef Chan’s signature Hong Kong-style sesame dressing, the complementary sweet and sour tastes in this dish blend perfectly well.


Fa-cai unagi and Atlantic salmon ‘bountiful’ ‘lo-hei’ yu-sheng
Peony Jade @ Keppel Club, Bukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club (Level M), Singapore 109918 | Tel: 6276 9138
Price: $168.88 (Large), available only for dine-in at Peony Jade @ Keppel Club.
Availability: 24 January to 24 February 2013

Duo of 'Ever-growing Wealth' Fa-Cai Unagi and Atlantic Salmon 'Bountiful' 'Lo-Hei' Yu-Sheng

Duo of ‘Ever-growing Wealth’ Fa-Cai Unagi and Atlantic Salmon ‘Bountiful’ ‘Lo-Hei’ Yu-Sheng

Presenting a treat for the culinary and visual senses, this celebratory platter is Peony Jade’s “Reaping Longevity, Abundance Wealth and Riches” Fa-Cai Raw Fish ‘Lou-Hei’ Yu Sheng. Meticulously designed and crafted in the prosperous figure eight, this luck-and-wealth creation is packed with choice ingredients like salmon, unagi, premium two head Australian sliced abalone, sweet prawns and lobsters and garnished with Organic seaweed. Like the nature of the wood element, it boosts generous portions of greens with a rich drizzle of Peony Jade’s signature sweet-and-sour plum sauce. So…raise your chopsticks to a good year ahead and indulge in this multi-sensory experience.


Bountiful oceanic treasures yu sheng
Szechuan Court (Level 3, Fairmont Singapore), 80 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189560 | Tel: 6431 6156
Price: $288++ (serves 10 persons)
Availability: 21 January to 24 February

Bountiful Oceanic Treasures Yu Sheng

Bountiful Oceanic Treasures Yu Sheng

Toss to an auspicious new year with Szechuan Court’s luxurious “Bountiful Oceanic Treasures Yu Sheng” scintillating with exquisite wonders from the deep waters. A must-have each new year to bring one great fortune and attract good luck for the year ahead, this opulent Yu Sheng platter comprises fresh swordfish, Boston lobster, Australian salmon, Australian abalone and crispy eel skin that adds extra crunch to the dish. Enjoy the right balance of sweetness and acidity from the sauces specially prepared that complement all the ingredients in the Yu Sheng.


Li Bai’s yu sheng variations
Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore, 39 Scotts Road, Singapore 228230 | Tel: 6839 5623
Price: From $52 (Small) to $92 (Large); Abalone platter is priced at $138 and vegetarian is $45 (Small) and $88 (Large)
Availability: 25 January to 24 February 2013

Li Bai's yu sheng variations

Li Bai’s yu sheng variations

This year, the Cantonese restaurant has come up with four variations of the festive fish dish to please your palate. Choose to have ikan parang, salmon, abalone or fresh scallop to be tossed with a myriad of colourful vegetables and sweet plum sauce. If your family is not a great fan of seafood, Li Bai also has a vegetarian Lo Hei. You can also add more ingredients at an additional cost or add more golden crackers if the children like them.


Seafood abundance at Majestic Restaurant
Majestic Restaurant, 31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road | Tel: 6511 4718
Price: From $48+ to $98+ for standard size and from $68+ to $138+ for large
Availability: 1 February to 24 February 2013

Atlantic Salmon Lo Hei

Atlantic Salmon Lo Hei

Be spoilt for choice with the variety of yu sheng from lobster, Australian abalone, crispy fish skin, Atlantic salmon, ikan parang or go for combination yu sheng of lobster, abalone and Atlantic salmon at Majestic Restaurant this Lunar New Year. There’s also a vegetarian yu sheng of refreshing snow pear and mixed vegetables available so that people who abstain from meat for religious or health reasons can indulge in this auspicious dish.


Fortune Smoked Duck Yu Sheng
Noodle Place Restaurant, 176 Orchard Road, #01-53/56, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843 | Tel: 6733 3171
Price: $19.80 (Small) and $33.80 (Large)
Availability: 1 to 24 February 2013

Smoked Duck Yu Sheng

Smoked Duck Yu Sheng

Fancy some Smoke Duck Yu Sheng for a change this Chinese New Year? You might want to check out Noodle Place Restaurant at The Centrepoint. The Fortune Smoked Duck Yu Sheng is an eye-pleasing medley of peanuts, sesame seeds, shredded white and green radish, carrot and the usual suspects, topped with luscious roast duck slices, drizzled with sweet plum sauce, pepper and cinnamon powder and showered with everyone’s favourite “golden” crackers.


Hamachi Yu Sheng “Soon Tak” Style
Wah Lok, Carlton Hotel Singapore, 76 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189558 | Tel: 6311 8188 / 8189
Price: $88
Availability: 28 January to 24 February 2013

Hamachi Yu Sheng "Soon Tak" Style

Hamachi Yu Sheng “Soon Tak” Style

Indulge in Wah Lok’s exquisite Hamachi Yu Sheng “Soon Tak” Style – Yu Sheng with a twist! In case you are not aware, Soon Tak is a county-level city in the vicinity of the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province, and South Eastern China. A Wah Lok signature and different from the usual Yu Sheng, it consists mainly of thick, fresh slices of Hamachi, shredded cucumber, shredded ginger and ground peanuts. The exclusivity of the dish lies in its sauce – light in flavour with only a tinge of lemon and soy sauce. It lends a savoury and refreshing taste while you bite into the succulent slices of Hamachi.

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Author: Javan Ng

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