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Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and Gloria Jean’s Coffees is brewing up sweet and flavourful new coffees for your festive indulgence.

Take a sip of their new offerings, the seductive Praline Latte and its chilled variant, the Praline Espresso Chiller. Perfect for a chilly day in the office or simply chill out at Gloria Jean’s Coffees outlets, the smooth blend of white cocoa powder, macadamia syrup and lush caramel sauce makes for a lovely perk-me-up any day of the week.

Praline Latte
Price: $6.20 (Small) $6.60 (Regular) $7.20 (Large)

Praline Latte

Praline Latte

Take a sip of rich, praline goodness with Gloria Jean’s Coffees latest seasonal offering, the Praline Latte. In the midst of bingeing on festive sweets and snacks, take some time out to warm your taste buds with this smooth, creamy and luscious blend of white cocoa powder, fragrant macadamia syrup and a lush caramel sauce

Praline Espresso Chiller
Price: $6.40 (Small) $6.80 (Regular) $7.40 (Large)

Praline Espresso Chiller

Praline Espresso Chiller

Chinese New Year is the perfect excuse to get your best friends out for coffee. Chill out with Gloria Jean’s Coffees Praline Espresso Chiller, a seamlessly blended espresso chiller, which sweetens the taste buds with notes of cocoa, macadamia and a rich caramel sauce for a lovely finish. A perfect ode to a new year of abundance and prosperity.

The new drinks are now available at all Gloria Jean’s Coffees stores from 3rd January till end of February 2013.

Author: Javan Ng

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