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Recipe: Cool cocktail for F1

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Singapore Grand Prix, the world’s only Formula One (F1) night race is back this September. If you are planning a F1 party to catch the race action at home, you will need a cool cocktail to quench your thirst.

Here’s a quick, easy and refreshing cocktail recipe by renowned mixologist Joseph Boroski, Director of Cocktail Culture for W Hotels Worldwide, that will definitely electrify your taste buds and wow your guest during the F1 weekend. Named as Electric, this cocktail is a cool combination of cherry tomatoes, strawberries, vodka, Champagne and cinnamon syrup.


4 fresh strawberries

4 fresh grape or cherry tomatoes

1 1⁄2 oz (45ml) Vodka

1⁄4 oz (7ml) freshly squeezed lime juice

3⁄4 oz (22ml) cinnamon syrup

2 oz (60ml) champagne or Prosecco

Glass (for serving):

Tumbler or highball glass


1. Crush strawberries and tomatoes in bottom of shaker and add vodka, lime, and syrup.

2. Shake well with ice and pour into glass.

3. Top with Champagne or Prosecco.

4. Add your garnish nicely to the top. Serve with a thick straw.

Joseph Boroski, director of cocktail culture for W-Hotels globally

Joseph Boroski, director of cocktail culture for W-Hotels globally

Joseph Boroski is the director of cocktail culture for W Hotels globally and he’s also the founder and director of SipSlowly, a bar mixsultancy group consisting of a selection of distinguished bartenders placed at the finest bars. Their goal is to improve the bar and cocktail experience of top venue patrons around the globe. Apart from his vast experience at a variety of reputable venues across New York City, Joseph has successfully introduced his beverage recipes to chic resorts, hotels, and high-end nightclubs, restaurants and bars in over a dozen countries worldwide.

Check out more about Joseph Boroski and gain more insight into W Hotels cocktail culture on their Facebook page.




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