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Are you a chocolate lover? If yes, you will be delighted to know that there’s a new chocolate service in town. Boxup, a new chocolate subscription service, wants you to indulge in your love for all things chocolate.

Imagine the joy of receiving a surprise stash of delicious chocolates month after month at your doorstep. Boxup operates on a subscription basis, just like how you’d subscribe to your magazines. Pay your membership fee and every month you get delivered a new offering along with description of the chocolates.

Boxup chocolates

Boxup chocolates

Here’s how Boxup works:

  • Every month the chocolate gurus at Boxup will hand-pick a selection of the most loved chocolate creations from their chocolate brand partners just for you.
  • They will wrap them up with the love, devotion and respect that fine confectionery is entitled to, and deliver them to you.

Boxup is currently in their beta period. Priced at $10 per box (inclusive of delivery charge), you will receive nine different types of truffles and bons bons. However the chocolate selections and packaging might change when the service is officially launched. According to Boxup’s founder David Tan, there’s plan to replace the truffles and bons bons with chocolate bars and a mixture of mini chocolate bars and truffles, depending on the market demands. Prices are also subject to change and may include delivery charges when the chocolate subscription service is launched.

This is truly a unique chocolate tasting experience for chocolate lovers who are passionate about exciting and adventurous chocolates. If you are keen to try out Boxup’s services, visit: http://boxup.sg for more information.

Browse more photos of Boxup here.

Author: Javan Ng

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