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Serves 12 persons

Fresh squid with cucumber makes a light, zingy starter. Squid (calamari) is also a favorite dish to order at any Chinese restaurant, so try making this new and interesting squid dish by chef Kong of YEN Chinese Restaurant, W Taipei at home. It’s not as scary as you might think and your family or friends will love the unique take on a favorite dining out dish.


Cucumber squid:

1kg fresh squid

300g Japanese cucumber

300g sugar

150g white vinegar

40g salt

Items to smoke the cucumber squid:

50g plain flour

50g sugar

50g tea leaves

Green mustard mayonnaise:

20g green mustard powder

120g mayonnaise

¼ pc lemon

50g sweet condensed milk


1. Heat vinegar and sugar. Ensure that sugar dissolves completely then set aside to cool down.

2. Finely slice cucumber, marinate with salt and set aside for an hour before rinsing it under running tap water for half an hour. Remove excess water and place it in the cool vinegar sugar syrup for curing.

3. Use cold water to wet the green mustard powder to paste, combine mayonnaise, lemon juice, condensed milk and green mustard paste to form a thick paste and then keep chilled.

4. Clean squid and remove the skin. Lightly poach the squid in hot boiling water and quickly remove and soak in a bucket of ice water to stop cooking process.

5. Remove excess water from squid and then stuff the cured cucumbers into squid and set on a stainless steel plate.

6. Combine and place the plain flour, sugar and tea leaves in an aluminum foil and close the foil by folding it. Once the foil is sealed, ensure that the aluminum foil has small holes pricked on the top to release the smoke.

7. Prepare a clean wok, lay the aluminum foil in and let it heat up until smoke is produced, place the stainless steel plate with the cucumber squid on top of a rack and cover the wok. Leave it in for 5 minutes, remove and let it cool down before keeping it in the chiller.

8. Cut the stuffed cucumber squid into desired size and drizzle the green mustard mayonnaise on the cooked squid.

Executive chef Kong Khai Meng of W Taipei

Executive chef Kong Khai Meng of W Taipei

Executive chef Kong Khai Meng started his career as commis in his family business restaurant from 1982 and has since worked in many famous seafood restaurants in Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Because of his talents, he was recruited by several leading hotel brands including Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai, Mertitus Mandarin, Singapore, American Club Singapore and Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Chef Kong has created Yen specialties uniquely to the W Taipei signature hotel and guests are advised not to leave Yen without trying one of the signature dishes including maltose glazed goose liver mousse with chilled sour plum jelly, crisp fried prawns with wasabi mayo and kumquat, the house specialty of rock salt baked chicken and creamy egg tart.

W Taipei is the only hotel in Taipei with a panoramic view of the bustling Xinyi district. Designed by London-based G.A. Design International Ltd, W Taipei’s 405 guestrooms and suites are among the largest of Taipei’s luxury hotels and each room is a private sanctuary with spectacular urban views. The hotel is also Taiwan’s newest scene to be seen at, with an electric assortment of signature restaurants and lounges, exclusive W Happenings and DJ mastery, W The Store, and an array of foodie favorites from around the world. Outside on the WET sky deck, al fresco dining means an urban barbecue overlooking Taipei’s Technicolor city lights.


Author: Javan Ng

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