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Sharetea opens at Jurong Point and JCube

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Where do you normally go for your bubble tea? Koi or Gong Cha? Why not give Sharetea from Taiwan a try?

Here are some of the new range of hot milk teas, exclusive and hot favourite bubble teas:

(All Sharetea beverages are available in two sizes Medium and Large and prices range between S$1.90 and S$6.30.)

New range of hot milk teas: 

Toffee Milk Tea |太妃糖奶茶 – The rich and alluring essence of toffee gives this milk tea an extra lift and bathes the palate with a pleasant, lingering taste of toffee.

Mango Milk Tea |芒果奶绿 – This delectable hot beverage is a mango lover’s must-try and perfect as a pick-me-up any time of day. Using only pure mango puree coupled with the subtlety of green tea, each mouthful is a burst of natural flavour.

Coffee Jelly Milk Tea |咖啡冻奶茶 – Get your morning fix with Sharetea’s classic milk tea filled with bite-sized coffee jelly. This is the perfect wake-me-up beverage with each jelly bursting with flavour!

Oolong Pearl Milk Tea |呜龙珍珠奶茶 – Blending traditional and contemporary flavours, this drink is great for those who appreciate the sophisticated hint of oolong mixed with light and refreshing milk tea. Top it up with soft and chewy pearls for the perfect complement.

Classic Pearl Milk Tea |珍珠奶茶 – Traditionalist will not be disappointed with Sharetea’s well-loved rendition of aromatic milk tea brewed with Taiwan tea leaves complete with a handful of chewy pearls.

*Note: All hot beverages are also available iced.

Exclusive and hot favourite bubble teas:

QQ Happy Family Milk Tea | 全家QQ 奶茶 (EXCLUSIVE) – This hot favourite and value-for-money red milk tea consists of`SIX different toppings such as pearls (+mini pearls), grass jelly, homemade pudding, red bean and Lychee De Coco – in one cup. The varied textures of the wide-ranging toppings make this a hit with the younger customer.

Handmade Taro Fresh Milk|手感芋头鲜奶 (EXCLUSIVE) – A thick, delicious drink, this is akin to enjoying a traditional yam paste dessert! Customers can satiate those sweet cravings with this drink as each cup contains several bite-sized pieces of Taiwan yam.

Aloha Fruit Tea|乐活水果绿茶 (EXCLUSIVE) – Imagine a tangy, sweet blend of pure apple, pineapple, passionfruit and orange juice coupled with premium green tea – the ultimate drink packed with health-boosting vitamins.

Red Bean Milk Tea|相思奶绿 (EXCLUSIVE) – Slurping up this hearty blend of green tea and chunky red beans is a sure way of keeping those hunger pangs away.

Ume Plu- Fruit Tea|梅果绿茶 (EXCLUSIVE) – This sweet and sour refreshing thirst quencher is a mix of freshly brewed green tea and Ume plum juice – a must have on a hot day. Each cup comes with a succulent Taiwan Ume Plum as a finishing treat.

Taro Flavour Pearl Milk Tea|香芋珍珠奶茶 (EXCLUSIVE) – A fascinating purple coloured milk tea bursting with the sweetness of yam in each sip and paired well with Sharetea’s latest white pearls.

Homemade Pudding Milk Tea|布丁奶茶 – Each mouthful is filled with the smooth, creamy texture of delicious custard pudding.

Sweet or Salty Cream Teas – Sharetea will be revealing two new and improved cream teas this May- French Vanilla de Crème and Sea Salt de Crème. The former has a foamy marshmallow-like texture with notes of Vanilla while the latter surprises with a pleasant hint of saltiness.

Yakult with Green Tea|绿茶益力多 – This Yakult infused tea is ideal for those who need a little aid with their digestion or simply love the taste of Yakult.

Strawberry Smoothie with Lychee De Coco|草莓捞椰雪沙 – A tempting thirst quencher on a hot and sunny day, Sharetea’s Strawberry flavoured ice smoothies is mixed with strips of Lychee De Coco for that extra delightful bite.

Yam Smoothie with Pudding|香芋布丁雪沙 – Relish Sharetea’s signature custard pudding crowned with shavings of Yam flavoured ice.

Share Tea Outlets:

  • Wisma Atria #B1-45
  • Parkway Parade #B1-21
  • North Point Shopping Centre #B1-04
  • United Square #B1-40
  • International Plaza #01-04
  • Bugis Junction #B1-K21
  • nex@Serangoon Central #03-K19
  • (Opening Hr: 10.30am to 10.30pm)

Coming Soon: Anchorpoint Mall (Date to be advised)

Author: Javan Ng

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