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Food court has been vital part of life and the undisputed source of Singapore’s best food. In recent years, food court chains have been reinven4ing food court culture to provide diners with a unique food court experience.

Designed as a mini-restaurant concept, the newly launched Food Junction Kitchen at Sembawang Shopping Centre offers hearty grub in a casual and congenial setting. Each stall is designed and operates like a mini-restaurant. You get to buy your food and drink all at the same stall.

Here are some of the highlights of the`stalls:

Over here, you will find authentic Laksa ($4.50) at Toast@Work. If the laksa is too spicy for you, grab a glass of ice lemon tea ($1.80) to go with it. The station also features breakfast menu mainstays such as toasted baguette slapped with creamy kaya, fried bee hoon with signature sambal chilli, chee cheong fun and chwee kueh. Coffee and Teh aficionados must not miss the special house blend here: the full-bodied and aromatic coffee is priced at just $1.

Bagus Kitchen
Expect exotic Malay cuisine with an Indonesian flair. The must-try is the Ayam Penyet ($5.50). Indonesians love their sambal sauce. Here, you can find homemade sambal sauces such as belacan, balado and tumis. Their famous chicken cu2ry is also a must-try.

For a true taste of Korean cuisine, Soleme is the stall to go to. Everything here, from kitchen equipment to silverware to the iridescent plastic cups, is imported from Korea. Try their Jap Chae ($10.90) – The cellophane noodles have a slight sweet taste and a chewy texture. Tossed with sautéed vegetables, this is a light and healthy dish. Their Beef L.A. Ribs ($23.90) is also a hot favourite. The marbled meat is glazed in rich BBQ sauce and served sizzling hot.

La Pastificio
La Pastificio serves up sublime Italian cuisine at affordable prices. Baked Fish Parcel ($8.50) – Served al Cartoccio style, the piquant aroma of the dish immediately escapes when one pries open the parchment paper. Topped with tomato salsa, it adds a zesty and slightly tangy taste to the dish.

Soup Master
If you like spicy food, you have to try the Traditional Chong Qing Hot & Spicy Fragrance Pot at Soup Master. This dish is the stir-fry equivalent of the Mala hotpot. Patrons can choose a potpourri of ingredients such as chicken, beef, seafood, mushrooms, fresh vegetables and even hotdogs to toss into the mix.

There are three levels of spiciness: the mildest one already packs quite a kick and will send tongues blazing! Those with a penchant for spicy food should rise up to the challenge and have a go at the final tier. An explosive, sweat-inducing and possibly taste buds numbing experience will ensue, so it is best to ready a glass of ice lemon tea from Toast@Work to wash it all down. Pricing for individual ingredients starts from $1.20 and the requisite Mala sauce goes at $3.

If you preferred the normal healthy soup, go for the Lotus Root with Pork Ribs Soup ($4.50) and the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall ($7).

Fu Xiang Kitchen
To have a nostalgic feeling of home-cooked food, Fu Xiang Kitchen will not disappoint. The stall is home to the award-winning Curry Chicken Set Rice ($5.50), lauded by critics including Singapore Food Map and Singapore Special 100 Commendation. Try their Chicken Biscuit Curry Rice Set ($5.90) and Sambal Saba Fish ($6.50).

Chicken Rice Station
Chicken rice and char siew rice are stalwarts of Chinese cuisine and are a must-have stall in most food courts. Besides the usual Chicken Rice ($4), this Halal certified station puts a new spin on the traditional char-siew rice by using chicken as the focal ingredient. Priced at $4, this unique Chicken Char Siew Rice is as tasty as the pork version.

Food Junction Kitchen 
#02-20, Sembawang Shopping Centre, 604 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758459
Tel: 6556 1814
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm (Daily)

Author: Javan Ng

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Comments (1)

  1. yuna says:

    The worst place to eat , Bagus kitchen at sembawang shopping center , the food is bad and tasteless , I take away 2 meals for over $ 10 , and the meal was terrible .

    here is my review .

    meal 1
    rice – portion was less and the price is 70 cents
    ayam masak merah – the chicken has no taste and was very dry it seems like it was kept from yesterday and have been reheated for so many times , on top of that I personally think its a FROZEN chicken . not fresh .

    sambal goreng
    the cutting portion is so big . I wonder who can eat it .

    meal 2
    rice – portion was so Little
    mix stir fry vege – all the vegetables cooked in bagus is brown in color , might be due to over heat and long period in the display center . The cutting portion like a tree trunk . it was too big ..

    on top of this I have been charge for the take away Styrofoam box $ 0.60 and 7 % GST . really not worth it .

    this is my honest opinion of the eating place at Bagus kitchen Sembawang Shopping center . it will be my last time going to that place .

    I don’t mind paying more for a decent meal but , its really not worth to spend it over Bagus Kitchen ,

    Bagus kitchen food lacks of quality and freshness .

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